Life at Loughborough Primary School Life at Loughborough Primary School Life at Loughborough Primary School Life at Loughborough Primary School Life at Loughborough Primary School Life at Loughborough Primary School Life at Loughborough Primary School Life at Loughborough Primary School Life at Loughborough Primary School Life at Loughborough Primary School Life at Loughborough Primary School Life at Loughborough Primary School
  • "Staff, pupils and parents are overwhelmingly positive about the school.  Adults engage well with the children.  They are effective in questioning children to extend their learning.  They have a good understanding of pupils' next steps".

  • "The safeguarding governor has a very clear understanding of safeguarding practice in the school and works closely with the school to monitor a range of aspects, including staff recruitment systems and pupils' own views of safety in the school".
    - Ofsted - 2017


    "My children are happy and are taught well at this school.  Thank you for all the support you  give".

    Parent of three children.

  • "I am very happy with this school –all the staff work so hard and they do so much for every child’.

    Year 1 parent

  • "What makes the difference, is that the staff really care!"

    Parent of Y2  pupil

  • "I would recommend Loughborough to other parents"

    Mum of two children

We hope you find our site informative, friendly and reflective of the great learning and teaching that goes on in our school. We are proud of our school and we strive to do the very best we can for our pupils.

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Air Quality Monitoring Project

Recently some pupils from Loughborough Primary School took part in an environmental awareness project working with some film producers.  Please take a moment to enjoy the fruits of their labour! Please click here

World famous Children's book author David Walliams paid us a visit and enthralled us! Click here to see what happened!  

Christmas Jumper Day: Tuesday 15th December 


Aim High Lambeth

When: 09 December 2020 18:00-18:45 click the link to join the meeting
This Aim High session for parents/carers is being run as part of Lambeth School Partnership's Raising the Game initiative.

What are the sessions?

These online sessions are for Lambeth parents/carers, with specific focus on Black Caribbean parents/carers. The theme of each session will correspond to speakers taking part in Aim High Virtual for pupils this year. This session will focus on Law. Jazmin Cole a solicitor from Freeth's law form will be the guest speaker.
The Rt Hon Stuart Lawrence will host the session and he will facilitate questions and discussion with the parents around the session's theme, career advice, helpful tips, practical advice, how to equip their children. These sessions are designed to empower parents in being able to support their children effectively in their educational, post-education and professional journeys.
There will be a Q&A and discussion segment as part of these sessions.

Why are we doing them?

  • As part of Raising the Game, Aim High sessions have been run for pupils in year 2 to year 10 over the last two years, but now the initiative also want a similar opportunity for parents/carers, hence these sessions.

Is it safe for my child to go to school?

It is understandable that people are worried about COVID-19.

It is important to remember that for most people who do catch it, and especially children, the virus will cause a mild illness.

School is important to learn and develop emotional and social skills, but the health and safety of children, staff and their families is the top priority. For nearly all children, the benefits of attending school far outweigh the very low risk from COVID-19.

To talk about your child’s wellbeing or if you or your child have anxieties about returning to school you can text Parentline for confidential advice and support on: 07520631130

Or visit:

You can also contact the Department for Education coronavirus (COVID-19) helpline: 0800 046 8687

For more information on your child's safe return to school please click link to see the leaflet on FAQ

School risk assessment





We have Reception spaces for September 2021 please contact the school for more information