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Academic Year 2018/2019




We hope you find the information below useful. Please ask the office if there is anything you are not sure about. Please also use our website which has lots of information about our school.



8:45              The gate is open

8:50               School starts


10:30           Break Years 1 & 3

10:40             Break Year 4

10:50             Break Year 2

11:10             Break Years 5 & 6


11:30             Lunch – Nursery

12:00             Lunch – Reception and Y3

12:20             Lunch Year 2 and Year 4

12.40             Lunch – Years 1 & 5

1.00              Lunch – Year 6

15.25            Gates open

15.30            End of school day.  All children should line up to be dismissed.                     

Playtime lasts 20 minutes and Lunchtime lasts one hour


School Rules

Our rules can be summed up as:

  • - respect others
  • - always give your very best
  • - follow adult instructions first time

All other rules and procedures are derived from these.

Children know that when an adult puts their hand up they must immediately be quiet and listen. They must walk in the school building and to and from any outdoor activities.                    


Attendance Register

Children are marked late if they arrive after 8.50am; after 9.15am lateness will be treated as an unauthorised absence. Please send registers down at 9.15am (or after assembly) and make sure office is informed.

Children who arrive late for school (i.e. after their class has gone into the building)  must come into school through the main entrance.


We take attendance very seriously and review all children’s attendance on a weekly basis. Please read the attendance policy on our website. We recognise both from research and experience that poor attendance leads to underachievement and so we take all necessary steps to ensure this does not happen including fines and prosecution. 


Assemblies take place at the following times: Mondays – 9am; Tuesdays – singing or in class; Wednesdays - singing or in class; Thursday – class assembly; Friday – KS1- Celebration assembly at 3pm ; KS2 – Celebration assembly in class.

All children and adults should enter and exit the hall quickly and quietly. Once in the hall- talk from adults not directly taking the assembly should be minimal to allow the children to settle and face the leading adult with the least possible fuss..


Homework is set weekly from Reception to Year 6. Homework goes out on a Friday and is marked unless it is handed in late (i.e. after Wednesday of the following week). 

School uniform

Children must wear school uniform at all times when in school. They should  not  wear hats inside school. Children can change into trainers for break but must change back into school shoes afterwards.


PE is part of the statutory curriculum. If children forget their kit school will provide them with spare kit so they can take part. Swimming is part of the PE curriculum for Year 4 and all children should take part, unless there is a valid reason.

Please see the uniform list for further details.

School Dinners/packed Lunches

These can only be paid for on a Monday and must be booked per half term. If your child is in late and requires a school dinner, please let the office know before 9.30am. If you do not do so you will need to give them a packed lunch as the kitchen needs to have exact numbers by this time.


Asthma pumps, epipens and prescription medicines are kept in the school office.

Parents are asked to complete a form to allow us to administer prescription medicines.

Office and other staff can administer medicines

Staff should ensure they take appropriate medicines with them when pupils are off site.

Children’s mobile phones

We do not encourage children to bring mobile phones to school. All mobile phones should be handed in to the office by the child first thing in the morning. Once the bell has gone in the morning the school day has started and so children must not use their mobile phones until the end of the school day.

Children’s birthdays

We allow parents to bring in a cake for a small celebration ONLY on Fridays if their child has had a birthday during the week. This is to avoid disruption to the school day.


School operates on a fob system for the safety of children and of staff. Parents and carers are not allowed into the main school building unless they have an appointment or for events.