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The Magical Enchanted Forest Library!

On Thursday 15th September 2016, we proudly opened our new 'Enchanted Forest' Library!

We have always tried to give reading a real priority in this school and this is another of our exciting innovations! It  has been several months in the making and involved making two rooms from one larger room, putting in soundproofing and of course redecorating!

Ms Hunt organised the library and theme - an enchanted forest - as it instantly transported you back to a magical land, a land from a book you have read or a somewhere to be really inspired to read more! We were very fortunate to have a team of volunteers from the Daily Telegraph who designed and created what you and the children can see in the pictures below.



This was the room just before we started magically changing it into the amazing Enchanted Forest Library. As you can see, we had a lot of work to do! 



 And so on Thursday 16th September 2016, the beautiful room was ready. It had taken a lot of hard work by the Telegraph volunteers, Ms Hunt and Ms Sonia but finally we were ready for the children to see this fabulous new library!


 Headteachers, Governors and staff all wanted to join with the children to see this marvelous [and educational] use of space!


Below are some of the blogs the children felt they had to write upon seeing our new library!


“I would say the enchanted forest  was amazing as the decoration had everything to do with books. There was even a dragon on the wall from the a book I had read, so it made me feel younger again.  The thing that struck me first was that it actually looked like a forest. Even the cushions were logs and leaves. There was a huge selection of books, including my favourite – James and the giant peach! No downsides; I loved it all” Rico




 “When I went into the new library, I was delighted to see that it was so green, just like the forest it promised to be. Furthermore it has lots of paintings on the walls from loads of books and I look forward to reading there!”  Dino


“I think this is one of the most unique and magical enchanted forest libraries I have ever seen. I was ecstatic to be able to read a book here – what an amazing experience!”    Mohad

“I think it is now a place to read and a place to learn in a great atmosphere. All around me were amazing references to books that I have already read or that one day I might now read. Jayson


“I was shocked how magical it was when out teacher led us right into this amazing land of books!”   Kevon





“I like this new library in the school because it feels like a joyful place where you can relax and have your own space! I loved that they used pictures from books from my earlier childhood. The first thing that struck me was that it looked exactly like that enchanted forest! I wandered about looking for a wardrobe that might lead me to another land! The rainbow made it alive as well and it’s a place where people will love to come and read.”      Rayan


 “I liked how they had many different types of books in varieties of languages. When I first walked in, I found it beautiful – they had many mythical creatures on the wall. It reminds me of my childhood fictional  fairytales and made me feel like I was in an actual enchanted forest.”     Lucy


“The addition of the enchanted forest was something I liked and the room was comfortable and warm. I liked the childhood book theme and the walls. The log cushions were great too.”   Omari




 “When I first strepped into the room, I smelt a fresh new smell of new books and the smell of the forest! I was excited and it reminded me of my childhood when I was just three years old. It was so colourful and I felt awed.”           Atif


 “I felt, as I stepped in, that I was mesmerized. It looked amazing, not to mention it had a fantastic quote on the wall that showed how reading led to further better things.”         Keyana 


 “I really enjoyed the magical enchanted forest because it felt like I myself was in a never-ending fantastic book. It reminded me of my childhood book ‘The Dragon Snatcher’ because of the marvelous paintings on the wall, including a dragon! It was amazing!”    Rawaan


“I know so much hard work went into this fabulous library! I was also delighted to find cushions like logs and it was exactly like an enchanted forest. It was also so awesome to find leaves drawn and written on by all the children in the school – I could read in there for hours!”         Elias